Monday, May 11, 2009

I read a quote in the latest issue of New Mexico magazine that said something like "what I like best about New Mexico is that the pictures are all there - all you have to do is show up with a camera." I'm discovering that to be very true.

My favorite room in my house is the dining room because there's a huge picture window that looks out onto a horse pasture (above). It's sometimes action packed as there are about 15 horses out there and someone has to be the boss; ever-changing as the seasons bring on different portrayals of the same view and ever beautiful because - well, there's really no way a pasture of horses can NOT be easy on the eyes. Consequently, we have some great photos of these guys in all sorts of weather - sunshine, fresh grass, fresh snow and mist. It's like having a huge painting that changes with the seasons. Very nice.

Today was a long busy day. Mike is working non-stop to finish his latest assignments from Leanin' Tree - and they're turning out so nice! He's got two more paintings to start when these are done - then he'll have to devote some serious time to finishing the fence in the yard and getting a storage unit built for the shop tools that are now filling his studio area.

Thanks to Obama's stimulus money, I've had to cancel our looong planned vacation to Washington state in order to write the capital improvement grant for our health clinic. This is a tremendous opportunity for our facility to get some very much needed equipment but the grant is due on June 2nd. So, our vacation will have to wait a few weeks!

It's all good though - they say keeping the mind busy keeps it healthy and we know physical activity keeps the body healthy. Between writing these grants and putting up a pretty huge fence project, we should be in fighting style by the first of June!