Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Living the Creative Life

I am a writer married to an artist, so to say we have an unconventional lifestyle is an understatement. My husband, Mike, has been a full time artist for nearly 30 years. Mike produces humorous paintings for a greeting card company part of the year and life size and larger sculpture for Veteran's groups, private foundations and coporations the rest of the year.

Mike and I are a team. Along with writing and designing Mike's marketing collateral, I also collaborate with him on product designs for his licensing agents, which is frustrating but fun. I have several other clients, mainly creative professionals who can't afford a big ad agency but desperately want to promote their work, who keep my work week diverse. And, when I can squeeze it in, I present half day and full day workshops specifically for my creative friends who, bless their souls, are fantastic at their craft but lousy at selling themselves.

This blog is about our very unconventional, sometimes frustrating but often fascinating daily life as two creative professionals who happen to work together, live together and love together.

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